I offer private classes & consultations, via online video call, in multiple art disciplines. All are visible in my work and to a high quality.  All skill levels welcome.
$50 per half hour. Flexible availability.
Email or DM Instagram @davidpuckartist to set up a date/time/subject.

Acrylic painting/pouring
Oil painting
Spray painting
Mural painting
Digital Art (Photoshop/Gimp & Procreate)
Photographing/Editing Artwork
Artistic Makeup
Portfolio critique & consultation
Instagram & Social Media consultation
Art career consultation
Art school application consultation


I started my self-taught painting career with zero contacts and supporting myself through a farm job that required zero education. All of the below came from my independent action, not from prior contacts or outside help.
– In 1 year I built my Instagram from 0 to 14,000+.
– In less than 2 years I went from $0 per month in sales to $2,000+ per month, supporting myself full-time from art.
– I have been featured in leading art magazines Juxtapoz,Hi-Fructose and Beautiful Bizarre, and exhibit with internationally renowned galleries like Thinkspace.
– I have painted large-scale murals all over the world, so far in 8 countries, including with leading festivals like Wide Open Walls and Global Street Art
– I independently created my own visual podcast, Painterview, which has had guests like Vinegar Strokes and Joseph Shepherd, with many more to come.
– I’ve worked with renowned organisations and figures like HBO ‘Euphoria’,Netflix, The BBC,  Hey Qween, Faith Evans, Mayim Bialik, Willam, Alaska and many more (see bio).
– Multiple years experience as a teacher, in many countries (Japan, China, Mexico, UK), from kindergarten to university/adult. Multiple years experience in Communication roles in creative industry. Personal communication skills as a mental health counselor.