‘Painterview’ is my visual podcast where I live paint and interview guests about creativity and deep life topics.
Recorded on Iinstagram Live, so look out on Instagram for new episodes to join in the conversation and ask questions live.

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Painterview was born for many reasons.
I primarily paint portraits because I am deeply interested in people, particularly how and why we all see and experience the world in such different ways. I studied History at Oxford University for this reason, and subsequently studied Psychology and volunteer as a Suicide Crisis Counselor.
I also am a sociable person who likes to connect with people, but painting is most often a solitary non-social activity.
Finally I believe deeply in the pro-social values inherent in queer community – diversity, acceptance, understanding, compassion, representation. I often want to paint people from different demographics and backgrounds to my own, but whilst not co-opting or distorting their experience because of my own lens.
Painterview seeks to put the subject front and centre, giving them the space and attention to speak their experience in their own words, and forming a human connection between painter and subject, that is all imbued into the painting.
As the world becomes more and more automatized, fast and digitized, even in artistic realms like through social media filters, the process and human touch is becoming less apparent. By contrast, painting is a long, slow, manual process – by which the painting is not just an image, but also a record of the hours, experience and emotions put into making it. Painterview highlights this process by showing the real-time painting process and the types of conversations and thoughts that go into it. The subject is more than just a face, the painting more than just an image – they are a life.