Available for bespoke private commission.


Digital = $150

Small (up to 12″) = $800

Medium (up to 24″) = $1,200

Large (up to 48″) = $1,800

Larger = Upon request

Commercial use = Upon request
Murals = See ‘Walls’ website page

Influencer Discount: 1% per 1,000 Followers. So 100,000+ Followers equals a free painting! (Terms apply, excludes shipping).

Ships internationally. 50% deposit required to begin.

Direct enquiry to with your desired subject, size, style and location information for a commission quote.

Smaller budget than the above? Email your budget and what you want, and I will respond with what is possible.



Already completed paintings are available for sale from $240 + shipping.

Click here for a photo list of available paintings and pricing. 

Direct inquiry to or Instagram @DavidPuckArtist


Hi-Res digital file, to be printed yourself at whatever size you choose = $10. All images on Instagram/Portfolio are available. (File is for individual non-commercial use only).

Photo prints are available for a limited time.
4×6″ $5 each or 3 for $10
8×10″ $10 each or 3 for $20
+ Shipping.

Email or Instagram @DavidPuckArtist with your order.


4x6 collage done


8x10 collage done




If you want to support me and my career, I happily accept tips of any amount (even $1!) Being an independent artist is one of the most uncertain and unsupported ways to earn a living, but without doing it full-time I wouldn’t have the time/energy to make the amount and quality of  artwork that I do. Quite the catch 22! So any tip amount is appreciated and makes a big difference added together. If I had 10cence for every Instagram Like, I’d be able to afford my rent each month! Venmo @davidpuckartist, Paypal