I’m available to paint large-scale walls and murals.
You can see further examples of my work on Instagram @davidpuckartist
If you have, or know of, a wall that would enjoy my work – get in touch to discuss info@davidpuckartist.com
Relevant information includes the wall location, size,  desired subject, and context (public/private/business/residence).
Standard cost is $18 per sq ft e.g. 10ft x 10ft = 100ft = $1,800.
Variations apply.  In keeping with mural industry standard. Additional cost for crane/scaffold hire if necessary.


Limited time pay-what-you-can queer murals:

For a limited time I am available to paint murals on a pay-what-you-can / donation basis. Those that are in keeping with my current queer abstract portrait mural project –  large-scale abstract portraits of queer historical figures, community members, drag artists. So if you have a wall but no budget to commission a mural, this is your opportunity. Even if you’re not queer it’ll be a beautiful, colourful abstract portrait, so why not.




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